Gamezar was founded by Khatchig "Jack" Kafafian who is currently President and CEO. Mr. Kafafian is no newcomer to the world of games. He has had a profound interest and curiosity about all kinds of games since childhood when his father taught him to play backgammon in his native Lebanon.

Born into a large Armenian family in Beirut, Kafafian developed an interest in chess during high school, where he excelled in math and physics. Inspired by his creations of new board designs for three-handed and four-handed chess, he began developing ideas for educational and word games of varying levels of complexity.


Kafafian's crowning achievement (at the age of 17!) was Gemini Chess, which made headlines in Lebanon and around the world. Gemini Chess transformed the traditional two player chess game into a socially entertaining game for four players.

After graduating from Beirut Business College, he worked as an accountant and media executive. In 1984, he began devoting his full time to marketing his games in Europe and the U.S., where he settled and in 1993 established Gamebox Corp. in New Jersey. He resides in Michigan with his wife and two children.